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DAVx⁵ integrates CalDAV/CardDAV into Android! GPLv3, available in various stores.

More than 100,000 licenses sold. Winner of the Constantinus Award 2014 (category: open-source).


ICSx⁵ synchronizes external calendars (.ics/iCalendar) with your Android device in regular intervals.

Typical use case: school/university/club calendar


Community related to the free image manipulation software GIMP, featuring tutorials, news, forums, polls and contests.

Various open-source projects and contributions, e.g. GfxTablet, TeamSpeak3 port for FreeBSD, countless bug reports and patches, especially for Android, CalDAV/CardDAV servers etc.

Video trainings for Rheinwerk Verlag, book: CSS pur (Pearson Education/Addison Wesley)